How to Recover From Emotional Eating

Online support is available to help you understand the psychology behind disordered eating. Binge eating is a painful and isolating disorder. Join a like-minded group of people who are interested in overcoming overeating, increase self-esteem and reduce feelings of depression and anxiety.

The course fee of $20 includes (get a free download of a lesson here):

In this course you will learn how to how to distinguish between emotional hunger and real hunger, how to return to being an intuitive eater, lose weight without dieting, end compulsive eating and maintain your natural weight. You will also learn ways to reduce stress, why self-care is important, how to say “No,” why you may be sabotaging your weight loss efforts and much more.

This course is a guide for anyone who:

Lessons include:

How thoughts and eating became connected
Fear of pain
Core beliefs
Thoughts and choice
Awareness, thoughts and CBT
Thoughts + Feelings = Choices
Different choices
Exploring cause and effect
How to question your beliefs (thoughts)
Food and self-soothing
Origins of comfort
Food as comfort
Courage to not know (yet)
Mouth Hunger vs. Stomach Hunger
Different types of hunger
Am I really hungry?
When and what to eat?
Scarcity and deprivation
How much is enough?
Cleaning your plate
Exercises to explore emotional hungers and ways to self-soothe
Be prepared at all times
Meditation: When you want to eat and are not physically hungry?
Staying Present. Why is This Important?
What is meditation and how does it help
Stress 101
A brief meditation on how to meditate
Mindful eating: Exercises to help you slow down and listen
Notice this moment
Square Breathing Technique
Meditation: "Allow everything to be as it is"
Ideas for beginning a meditation practice
Boundaries and Self-care
Emotional and physical boundaries
42 Ways to Say “No” (or Buy Time Until You Can)
Selfishness Vs. Self-care
Conditional self-esteem
Honoring where you are
The scale and other numbers
Weight and body image
Perfect and Good
A writing exercise
Meditation: Saying goodbye
Identifying Fears and How to Manage Emotions
Do I really want to lose weight?
Dealing with emotions
Being with boredom
Being with sadness
Being with anger
Identifying emotional triggers
The brain and emotional regulation
Shame and toxic shame
Putting it all together
Nurturing yourself without food
Deciphering the messages
Translating thoughts and feelings
The new you
How to listen and validate your own feeling
Guided visualization: Time with your own comforting presence
Decoding negative body thoughts
Creating a support network
Changing old patterns
Resource Ideas to Continue Learning and Evolving
Questions to nibble on
Reading, listening or viewing recommendations
Ideas for spiritual/emotional growth and self-improvement
Congratulations and Thanks!

$20 includes mp3 audio download of course, guided meditations, experiential exercises, guidelines, information, suggestions and support.

This course was created and written by Olimpia Etts, LCSW-C.