Want to know the difference between conditional and unconditional self esteem?

How we can help...

As a result of the Coronavirus Pandemic, Adaptive Therapy's offices are closed until further notice...
  • Current clients, please call (917) 576-7237 (Olimpia) or (240) 253-7051 (Mike)
  • We are providing teleheath services using Skype, Google Duo or Google Meet
    (we no longer use Zoom due to security issues).
  • Telehealth services are almost certainly covered by your insurance during this crisis.
  • We are accepting some new clients for telehealth.
  • Beginning Feb 1st 2021, our late cancels ( less than 24 hrs notice) and no shows will be at a reduced rate of $25
  • **Important Note**: As of 11/1/2020, we will only accept credit card payments for copays (no longer accepting PayPal)

Emotions management

Why let anxiety, depression or anger, interfere with your life? Learn how to manage these common emotions - without medication.


Couples counseling

Learn how to communicate in a way that creates intimacy and closeness. Discover where your 'hot buttons' are and learn to diffuse them. Find out how to express remorse in a way that heals in a permanent way - so you can move on from the past.

Medical symbol

Health issues

No one expects a major diagnosis and it can be a challenge to adjust to. It often affects self image and self esteem - but it doesn't have to. Learn how to return to a positive outlook.