About Michael Etts, LCSW-C, ACH


The practice of Michael Etts, LCSW-C, ACH is driven by a philosophy that counseling, at its best, increases autonomy and independence. It accepts that you are the expert on your own life and with some expert assistance, you can fulfill your potential.
My practice is informed by the latest research in neuroscience and utilizes advanced hypnotherapy techniques to help achieve change in a shorter time frame than many traditional therapies.

Insurances accepted

bullet  CareFirst (PPO's)
bullet  BCBS Federal
bullet  USFHP (Johns Hopkins)
bullet  Medicare (Part B)

About Michael Etts, LCSW-C, ACH

Michael Etts has a Masters in Social Work and is licensed by the state of Maryland. Michael has completed the following Advanced Training in Hypnotherapy from the Wellness Institute

bullet  Depression bullet  Anxiety
bullet  Grief and Loss bullet  Sexual Abuse
bullet  Self-injury (cutting) bullet  Addiction
bullet  Post Traumatic Stress bullet  Major health issues/crisis
bullet  Stress Management bullet  Hypnotherapy

Michael has offices in La Plata, which is in Southern part of Maryland. Michael Etts is also the founder of Adaptive Therapy, through which he provides psychological counseling to families, couples and individuals. His gentle and open approach creates an environment that enables psychological development, healing and personal growth.